“Thank you for bringing women together! It’s awesome, the support from strangers, no one is alone! No one cries without hugs!”

– Robin

“I felt a real sense of community with women I didn’t know prior to coming. I came alone and left with a feeling of being part of a new Bliss family. Great time doing something for myself which will end up serving me as well as the people around me.”

– Helene

“Sarah and Gaby, you do an excellent job. You are very successful in assisting women with positive changes.”

– Lisa

“What a fabulous weekend for any woman who is looking for direction in their life. Highly recommend it.”

– Linda

“It was an amazing awakening in one weekend. Trauma’s from a life time have been started on a path towards healing.”

– Tamara

“Once again the weekend exceeded my expectations! Thank you for the concept and helping me awaken to my true path.”

– Treena

“What a wonderful weekend! You have to experience it for yourself. It will be an annual event for me.”

– Trisha

“What an experience! I didn’t know what to expect but the endless support and camaraderie was simply blissful. A love time to let my shoulders relax, my mind stop spinning, and to take a deep breath for just me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Annie

“Amazing weekend of community, learnings, playing & eating the most delicious & healthy food you will have experienced in your life! Everyone needs to come to a Bliss weekend!”

– Julie

Stay tuned for our 2018 Bliss B4 Laundry Weekends
Will you be there?

Learn more!

Life-changing, transformational wellness weekend retreats for women. Press pause and take a break from the busyness of life. Join a community of women wanting nothing but the best for you.

Join this women’s wellness gathering, a place where every woman can freely explore all aspects of herself in a safe, creative, transformative and FUN environment.

Connect with our Ontario-wide network of practitioners, facilitators, healers, therapists, and entrepreneurs focused on bringing healing, wellness, health and peace of mind to women across Canada.



Your Own Inner Healer: Tune Her In and Turn Her On!

by Sarah Knight As an Energy Healer I channel Reiki and other healing energies when I work with people. However, when I began my formal training I realized…wow…I have had access to some of this stuff my whole life! Unfortunately, in modern society, this...

Travelling distances, discovering flavours, unleashing creativity

One of the things I enjoy about travelling is discovering new flavours. It’s true that it can become a little bit challenging when travelling to countries where meat is the predominant ingredient. However, choosing to maintain a plant-based diet also makes my life...

Bliss B4 Laundry was conceived by two long-time gal pals, Gabriela Flores and Sarah Hutchison. Fast friends in university studying International Development, these two women bonded over a shared desire to make the world a better place.

Fifteen years later after choosing two very different paths in life involving travel, marriage, children, divorce, mental illness, and personal health crises, Gaby and Sarah have come together with a mission to create events that help, heal, transform and inspire change in the people who attend them.

A friendship that began with ideals and visions on a grand, international scale has circled back to find inspiration and passion at the personal level.

Gaby and Sarah help women through wellness, connection and keeping it real on the path to bliss.

Gaby & Sarah



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