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Happy Healthy Women is a growing in-person and online community of amazing women – all striving to lead healthier, happier and more successful lives. All of the community events reflect health in mind, body and soul as the basis for a beautiful and successful life. Health (physical wellbeing), happiness (spirituality and personal growth), and success in all areas of life, are seen together as one full circle.

Happy Healthy Women believe that all women can achieve what we call a healthy harmony, and together, we make it happen by sharing experiences, connections, thoughts, brainstorms, ideas and laughter. We host social events, workshops and networking opportunities all in the name of happiness and health. www.happyhealthywomen.ca


Krista Goddard is the owner and operator of Dragonfly Design Studio in Castelton, Ontario. As a freestyle jewelry artist, Krista explores various styles of jewelry making and offers a beautifully eclectic array of pieces, in which anyone can find something to love. She also breathes new life into old and used items by incorporating them into her jewelry. Most of her pieces are made from bare metals and repurposed items, like vintage buttons, rare beads, coins and inner tube tires. Working with local bicycle and machine repair shops, Krista diverts tires from heading to the landfill and instead gives them new purpose in her art. Check out her growing collection at: www.kristagoddard.com




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