by Sarah Knight

As an Energy Healer I channel Reiki and other healing energies when I work with people. However, when I began my formal training I realized…wow…I have had access to some of this stuff my whole life! Unfortunately, in modern society, this ability to channel healing energy is not readily recognized, and so we do not train or equip our children with the awareness of what it is and how to use it. 

Following is a short HOW-TO if you’d like to start tuning in to your own healing abilities to work on yourself. Please note that this is NOT a guide for working on others! When working with healing energies for other people there are many other layers and levels involved and formal training in this regards is strongly recommended so as to ensure that you protect yourself, honour energetic trust and boundaries, and don’t deplete your own energetic reserves.


1) Sit quietly, ideally with your feet flat on the floor to support your own grounding and the connection to healing earth energies.

2) Bring your awareness to your breath and your body. Try to still your mind as best you can.

3) Wake up the sensations in your hands, and set your intention for healing, by clapping your hands together and rubbing them vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

4) Stop, separate your hands, notice what you feel. Try “playing” with the energy between your hands to increase the sensitivity of your palms and fingertips. You can do this by holding your hands up in front of you about 12″ apart, palms facing each other, and making very slow, subtle movements. You can move your hands very slowly further apart, and try bringing them closer together. Notice what you feel! This is energy.


5) Return to stillness. Bring your full attention to the palms of your hands and your fingertips. See, feel or imagine that you have light shining from the palms of your hands. The light of pure healing, pure love, pure bliss. You might see colours, or you can imagine one. White, violet or gold are always good ones to work with if you no colours come to you. 

6) If you are inclined to call on your spirit guides, any ascended masters or angels, or any other beings of light, then do so. Ask for their support. And say to yourself “I use this light of pure love and healing for my highest good”

7) Put your hands on your body anywhere that you feel drawn to. Starting with the heart center can feel very nice, and help to centre you and feel in to the other places that are calling for attention. 

8) As you proceed, just keep your attention as best as you can on the palms of your hands, the area of your body or being that you are sending light to, and your intention that this light is straight from source, for your highest good.

9) When you feel you are finished, bring your hands in to prayer position in front of your heart centre to close the healing session, and say “thank you, thank you, thank you.” Feeling gratitude for whatever is in your heart – including your beautiful SELF.

10) Smile, and repeat!


Sarah Knight

Sarah is a Reiki Master and Bioenergy Practitioner working as part of a team of healthcare practitioners in Kingston, Ontario, at Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc (KIHC). Prior to moving to Canada two years ago, She spent many years living in Ireland where she conducted all of my energy healing training. She also holds a Ph.D. in marine science and worked for many years in this area. Her training as a scientist helps her in her healing practice every day.

She approaches each new situation with an open, curious mind and an exciting sense of possibility – every moment really is a divine experiment. Energy is an intricate part of every action and experience of our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and working on this level can be truly transformative. Energy work has been the foundation of her own healing journey and can be used for any health concern, from acute stress to chronic physical pain and disease.

She combines both Reiki and Bioenergy techniques, tailoring each treatment to the needs of the client. She also teaches Reiki, lead healing group workshops, and run DeStress and ReCharge classes in Kingston.

Connect with Sarah
Website: Reiki & Bioenergy Healing
Facebook: Sarah Knight Bioenergy

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